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Brian Walton: Manager of displays and info graphics  "I've been working on taking everything that was done and piecing it together in the exhibit to make sure we have everything, but to make sure it'sHere is Temperance's painting of a Devonian Reef, which will be included in the hallway displays when they are finished."Kids that come to the campus they'll look at these displays and they'll be excited because there are fossils and there are pictures." Temperance added, "It's not about us, but about people that see i"What I've gotten out of it as I've worked on it, and ... what I hope other people get out of it is just a huge appreciation for this world that we live in," commented Brian.  (Entrance to Romney Buil"I want [the museum] to be a place where people can come in and just be inspired by the beauty of the shades in the forms, and the colors," concluded Gahn.  (Student Andrew White, majoring in MarriageRoger Hogan was the original designer of the Romney museum. "He's the one that fought for that space initially," said Gahn.  (Geology Museum Dino)Brian expressed his favorite part of the project, "It tells a story of how the universe, or how the galaxy was formed and how our earth was formed and the people on the earth." He continued, "It's coo"When I was single and living in singles' apartments, I tested things on my roommates a lot," Cheyenne described. "That was really helpful because I was able to test things on people who were studying"We're developing these display cases and these materials for students, but they're being designed and developed by students," commented Moore. "[They] are practicing their craft. They're having profeSome of the specimens on display will include a Roman gladiator's skull from Rome, Neanderthal stone spear point, a dinosaur egg from the Gobi desert, and a sample from the Rexburg Fault.  (Forest GahGahn explained, "We want all of the exhibit to be interactive to a certain extent. I think about every case will have a QR code on it so people can interact with it at another level."  (Forest Gahn anA variety of classes will use the specimens for research and study, including online students through the QR code database. "We envision making course-assignments and things that are connected to thesThe hallway displays and geology museum were remodeled with a budget of about $15,000.  (Romney Building Main Hall)When he joined the Geology Department faculty, Forest Gahn was assigned to rethink the museum and hallway cases. "There wasn't much in the hallway cases. They were always filled with odds and ends. Th"If you think about the perceived conflicts between science and religion, they center on three questions of origin: origin of the universe, origin of Earth, origin of life," said Dan Moore, AssociateThe BYU-I Geology Museum is curated by the department and houses small, but exceptional collections of minerals, rocks, and fossils. The crown-jewel of the museum is the Keith and Mauna Proctor MineraThe museum houses a live aquarium. It contains salt water fish, coral, Star fish, Anemone, and many other organisms. Whenever a coral dies and fossilizes, it is added to the museum's collection.  (Geo"For these I got a lot of inspirations from something else. Not from me, it was from on high," stated Temperance.   (Temperance Sorenson's painting of Hadean Earth)This is a piece of Azurite from the Keith and Mauna Proctor collection, which is included in the current museum arrangement.The Romney building houses many scientific resources, including the Planetarium, Observatory and Geology Museum. Currently the Geology Department is renovating the main floor hallway displays as yet a

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