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Jacob Spori, 1888-1891Jacob Spori, 1888-1891Charles N. Watkins, 1891-1894George Cole, 1894-1899George Cole, 1894-1899Douglas M. Todd, 1899-1901Ezra C. Dalby, 1901-1914Ezra C. Dalby, 1901-1914Dalby understood the potential of the school when he wrote in the local newspaper that it would “shine as a beacon of light to the ends of the earth.” 1901-1914 President of Ricks College.Andrew B. Christensen, 1914-1917George S. Romney, 1917-1930In 1918, under Romney's administration, the name of the school was changed from Bannock Academy to Ricks Normal College. President from 1917-1931George S. Romney, 1917-1930Hyrum Manwaring, 1930-1944Hyrum Manwaring, 1930-1944John L. Clarke, 1944-1971John L. Clarke, 1944-1971Clarke recieved a Distinguished Service Award on May 6, 1971 for his years of service with his wife LaRae Clarke by the Ricks College Alumni Association.Henry B. Eyring served as President of Ricks College from 1971 - 1977, adding more buildings to the campus and helping to further develop administrative structure.Henry B. Eyring, 1971-1977

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