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Women's Basketball - 1903

Ricks women's basketball

Basketball Team - 1912

Ricks men's basketball team

Football Team - 1929

Coach Gibbons and the 1929 football team.

Ricks Football - 1940

1940 Ricks football game

Boxing Team - 1951

The Ricks championship boxing team

Early Years of Track

A Ricks track meet before there was a track


Ricks once sported a gymnastic team.

Rodeo Bull Rider. -1973

Lamar Roche, national bull riding champion, 1971-73

Skiing - 1960

Ricks college ski competitor takes flight.

Bowling - 1969

A player from the Ricks bowling team in 1969

Diving - 1970

A Ricks diver pikes off the low board.

Women's Field Hockey - 1970

Ricks College women's field hockey

Ski Team - 1972

Ricks college ski team at Targhee ski resort

Basketball - 1984

Roland Smith celebrates after winning the first-ever regionals in Rexburg in 1984.

Women's Volleyball - 1988

Ricks College women's volleyball team in 1988

Wrestling - 1989

Ricks College wrestling coach Bob Christensen has a talk with one of his wrestlers.

Football - 1994

Ricks College vs. Dixie College in the football game termed the Mud Bowl

Women's Track - 1994

Marsha Mark leads in the hurdles at a track meet.

Women's Basketball - 1995

Lisa Thueson Rasmussen in a game against Treasure Valley

Ricks Basketball - 1996

Danny Bower drives to the basket in a game against CSI.

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