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Created 27-Jan-21
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Oedipus - July 2011

Oedipus, theatrical production directed by Hyrum Conrad.

Symphony Band--Jan 2013

BYU-Idaho's Symphony Band rehearses in the Barrus Concert Hall.

Harp Ensemble-June 2012

Students perform at the Harp Ensamble concert.

Snow Building-Barrus Concert Hall--June 2013

Barrus Concert Hall in the Eliza R. Snow Building.

Stairway Practice- OCT 2015

Students sing in a stairway of the Snow Building for class.

Snow Lobby - May 2016

Also known as the "Fish Bowl".

Eliza R. Snow Center - Aug 2016

The Snow building houses the Performing Arts at BYU-Idaho.

Snow Building Practice Rooms - MAY 2017

There are plenty of practice rooms open to students to practice music in the Snow Buidling. 2017

Christus - Aug 2016

Bronze statue of the Savior in the Snow Building.

Eliza R. Snow - Aug 2016

Statue of Eliza R. Snow in the Snow building lobby.

Eliza R. Snow Building--Apr 2015

Eliza R. Snow Building

Barrus Concert Hall - May 2017

Barrus Concert Hall 2017

Snow Building- OCT 2017

Fall colors in front of the Snow Building.

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