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Guitars Unplugged- June 2009

Student performers enjoy the spotlight as they rock out at Guitars Unplugged.

Sacred Music Premiere-Nov 2009

In 1986, the university began a program of commissioning an LDS composer biennially to create a religious oratorio based on scripture. This 2009 Premiere of "God's Everlasting Love" was comp

Weight Room-Nov 2009

The BYU-Idaho Fitness Center houses state-of-the-art exercise equipment available to students, faculty, and their families. The center also provides free trainers like Jared Antczak shown here trainin

Yoga Class - Mar 2010

Emily Steadman is shown here teaching yoga on campus. This class is offered evenings Monday-Thursday and mornings Friday-Saturday.

Capoeira Workshop-June 2010

Students participate in a student led fitness activity called Capoeira. Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines martial arts, music, and dance.

Track Meet - Jun 2010

Students like Jimmy Hancock participate in track meets held on campus.

Track Meet - Jun 2010

Students participate in a wide variety of track events like shot put.

Competitive Intramural Sports-June 2010

Students get the chance to show off their athletic skills on the court in competitive intramural sports programs.

Basketball Tournament-June 2010

Students participate in the basketball championships, as part of the intramural competitive sports program at BYU-Idaho.

Pond Skimming - Feb 2011

In what has become a highly anticipated BYU-Idaho tradition, Pond Skimming involves students dressing up in crazy costumes and riding down a snow caped hill on skis, a snowboard or an air board. At th

Super Dodgeball - Mar 2011

Attempting to break the Guinness World Record, students in large numbers participate in �Super Dodge Ball� in the new BYU-Idaho Center. The center includes 10 basketball courts and therefore has plent

Acoustic Cafe II -Mar 2011

Students audition to participate in Acoustic Cafe II where they perform covers of Top 40 hits.

Teton Mountaineering Trip- Aug 2011

A student climbing the snow covered Teton Mountains during a mountaineering trip.

Get Connected - Sep 2011

At the start of each semester BYU-Idaho invites new students and parents to participate in Get Connected. Led by student leaders, students take part in social activities and are assisted in getting ac

Move In Day-Sep 2011

Students in the dorms on campus getting moved in and set up for a brand new semester at BYU-Idaho.

Mud Mayhem Obstacle Course -Sep 2011

BYU-Idaho hosts a large obstacle course where students can compete against one another, though not without getting a bit muddy.

Mud Mayhem Obstacle Course -Sep 2011

In this Mud Mayhem Obstacle Course, it�s not just about whether or not you can conquer it, but how dirty you can get while doing so.

Fencing Class- Oct 2011

Students have fun with this unique recreational activity while getting some great exercise. Fencing Class is drop-in and beginners are always welcome.

Guitars Unplugged -Oct 2011

Guitars Unplugged 2011

Guitars Unplugged -Oct 2011

Guitars Unplugged 2011

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