BYU-Idaho | 125 Years - Spori Building
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August 15, 1902, early construction of the Ricks Academy BuildingOctober 21, 1902, construction continues on the Ricks Academy Building.View of the Ricks Academy Building and surrounding community in 1905Ricks Academy Building shown in 1910The graduating class of 1915-1916 shown with the Ricks Academy Building’s new architectural addition, the lighted letters of R and A.View of the Ricks Academy Building (left) and Gym Building (right) around 1919 or 1920Interior photo of the Ricks Academy Building in 1937 showing the Library DepartmentIn 1964, the academy building was officially renamed the Jacob Spori Building after the first principle of the academy.In 2000, over 1,700 people came to celebrate the original Spori Building one last time before its planned demolition.Torch and window arch from the third floor of the original Spori BuildingClose-up of the torch and sunburst on the Spori BuildingDecorative brackets added to the soffit and eavesDuring demolition in 2000, a fire erupted and destroyed the remains of the original Spori Building.During demolition in 2000, a fire erupted and destroyed the remains of the original Spori Building.In 2003, the new Spori Building was completed and built in a style reminiscent of the original 1903 Spori Building structure.Night time view of the Jacob Spori Building with skylight visible on top of the buildingThe original 1903 Spori Building facade is on permanent display in the new Spori Building.The third floor of the Spori Building is home to BYU-Idaho's Art Department.  The artwork of students, often showcased on the third floor, is complimented by the building�s beautiful architecture.Skylights stream in natural light illuminating art and photography in the hallways of the Jacob Spori Building.A large classroom in the basement of the Jacob Spori Building.

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