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Decorative brackets added to the soffit and eavesClose-up of the torch and sunburst on the Spori BuildingTorch and window arch from the third floor of the original Spori BuildingAugust 15, 1902, early construction of the Ricks Academy BuildingOctober 21, 1902, construction continues on the Ricks Academy Building.View of the Ricks Academy Building and surrounding community in 1905Ricks Academy Building shown in 1910The graduating class of 1915-1916 shown with the Ricks Academy Building’s new architectural addition, the lighted letters of R and A.View of the Ricks Academy Building (left) and Gym Building (right) around 1919 or 1920Interior photo of the Ricks Academy Building in 1937 showing the Library DepartmentJacob Spori Building in the spring

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