BYU-Idaho | Building Highlight: Manwaring Center
Created 12-Nov-12
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The Taylor Quad and it's beautiful new water feature at dusk.A beginning ballet class in one of the two new dance studios located in the Manwaring Center.The Hyrum Manwaring Center's southeast, third floor windows reflecting the setting sun.A gathering place near the MC Little Theater and Special Events room. A reception was held in honor of Jack Wheatley, the recipient of the Presidential Service Award, on the third floor.The sky bridge between the Manwaring Center and McKay Library from the Center Quad. The two sky bridges on campus allow students to avoid the cold while traveling between buildings.Students in the Testing Center on the bottom floor of the Manwaring Center.A stunning architectural view of the Hyrum Manwaring Center's ceiling from the first floor looking up.Bowling Alley located near the University Bookstore on the first floor of the Manwaring Center.Table set up by Catering Services for a banquet being held in the Presidents dining room on the third floor of the Manwaring Center.A panoramic image of students eating and socializing in the Crossroads dining area on the second floor of the Manwaring Center.The Caliente Mexican food section of the Crossroads food court in the Manwaring Center.Henry's Fork BBQ in the Crossroads food court.Part of the new Legacy Hall addition to the Manwaring Center.Legacy Hall reminds those who visit of the principles that make BYU-Idaho unique and of those who have created a heritage that generations of students can build upon.Looking down to the south end of Legacy Hall in the Manwaring Center.Legacy Hall, just north of the new tribute installation in the Manwaring Center. Student shown playing his guitar.Student Activities Center in the Manwaring Center received a recent makeover of it's entrance. The Student Activities office contains dozens of offices and meeting rooms for committees and employees.The northwest side of the Manwaring Center seen through the foliage around the McKay Library.Completed Central Quad on May 21, 2012. This new addition greatly enhances the beauty of BYU-Idaho�s campus, enabling students and the community to gather in the quad�s amphitheater which accommodatesLarge planter boxes located in the Central Quad are filled with brightly colored snapdragons and petunias. In the background is the University Store, located in the Hyrum Manwaring Center.

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