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Pathway-Apr 2012

BYU-Idaho has developed Pathway - a flexible, low-cost educational program that combines the convenience of taking courses online with the benefits of gathering together with other students on a regul

Pathway-Apr 2012

After a sequence of preparatory courses, Pathway students can be officially admitted to BYU-Idaho and are encouraged to continue on to earn certificates as well as associate and bachelor's degrees.

Spirit of Pathway - May 2012

The spirit that is so treasured on BYU-Idaho�s campus is also a large component of Pathway. Students report having had an increase of the spirit in their lives when they began the courses.

Pathway Student Amber Wild-May 2012

The program provides individuals like Amber Wild in Boston, Massachusetts, the opportunity to begin or continue their education in a way that is conducive to their busy lifestyle.

Mexico Pathway

Families like this father and son in Mexico, are able to benefit from and improve their lives through Pathway and the BYU-Idaho classes it offers.

International Pathway Learning

There are currently five countries outside of the United States that Pathway is available in: Ghana, Mexico, Peru, Russia and Albania. New sites are approved by the Church Board of Education every yea

Pathway in the United States- May 2012

There are currently 17 states in which Pathway is available across the country, many of which have several locations where students may choose to attend.

Speaking Partners

BYU-Idaho Pathway English Language students from all over the world need your help to practice listening and speaking English. Find out how easy and rewarding it is at <a target="_blank" href="http://

Mexico Pathway-Apr 2012

A Pathway student in Mexico works from home on her online classes.

Mexico-Pathway-Apr 2012

Pathway students in Mexico gather at the Institute building for classes and discussion.

The BYU-Idaho Learning Model

BYU-Idaho provides a learning model for students to use to maximize their educational experience. The model outlines academic preparedness, teaching one another, and pondering and proving learned mate

Teaching Others

Diana Sanchez, a Pathway student in Mexico, applies what she learns in the program.

Pathway Gathering-Apr 2012

Small class sizes in program courses and institute classes allow students to become actively involved in class material and discussions.

Raul Hidalgo

Pathway student Raul Hidalgo attends classes in Puebla, Mexico.

Pathway Student, Arkadiusz Kolodziej - May 2012

Boston Pathway student, Arkadiusz Kolodziej, appreciates the flexibility of Pathway's online classes with his demanding schedule.

Boston Pathway Student-May 2012

Arkadiusz Kolodziej is a father, husband, branch president, immigrant, and proud student of the BYU-Idaho Pathway.

Pathway Graduation-Apr 2012

Proud Pathway students in Puebla, Mexico receive a certificate of completion at their graduation.

Pathway Graduation-Apr 2012

Graduates from the Puebla, Mexico Pathway group.

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