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3D Printing- May 2016

The mechanical engineering department has two 3D printers available for students to make 3D prints.

Ag Day- JUNE 2015

AG Days is a great opportunity for BYU-Idaho students and community to come get a hands on educational experience with agriculture.

AV Camera Control- MARCH 2014

Behind the scenes of devotional: In the AV Camera Control room students run five mounted cameras in the BYU-I Center auditorium.

Back to School - SEP 2016

Food Science Lab in the new Science and Technology Building.

Campus Aerial- JULY 2013

Aerial photos of BYU-Idaho by Michael Lewis. (Helicopter pilot Richard Smith)

Campus Construction- JUNE 2015

Construction continues on the new Science and Technology Building. The installation of the iron work provides the neccesary structure for additional floors.

Caryn Esplin Faculty Mentor- MARCH 2016

Caryn Esplin Faculty Mentor

Devotional Traffic-MAY 2015

Students make their way from the Taylor Quad to the I-Center to attend Devotional.

Devotional- APR 2015

Students attend the first devotional of Spring Semester.

Devotional-JAN 2016

President Gilbert welcomes students to devotional.

Fluid Mechanics- MAY 2016

Students working together in the Fluid Mechanics course.

Graduation- July 2015

Spring Semester 2015 Graduation.

Graduation- July 2015

Graduates of the College of Agriculture and LIfe Sciences receive their diplomas.

Heating Plant- MAY 2015

The new Heating Plant at BYU-Idaho is more environmentally friendly and also has the ability produce enough electricity to sell back to the grid which will help pay for the facility.

Information Technology-AUG 2013

Information Technology server room in the Spencer W. Kimball Building.

Kevin Price- FEB 2012

Kevin Price, the new HR director with Allison Cortez.

Lexi Beattie - APR 2014

The process of coming up with devotional speakers starts with Lexi Beattie.

Manufacturing Processes Lab - MARCH 2011

Manufacturing Processes Lab


A couple of students from Brigham Young University-Idaho climb the tallest mountain in Idaho: Mount Borah.

Outside My Apartment

Looking out my bedroom apartment window, students walk across the street to Zeek's Famous Pie Shakes as the sun goes down behind the thick clouds.

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