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Created 27-Jan-21
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Smith Building Lecture Hall--Sept 2013

David Barrus teaches an American Foundations class in the lecture hall of the Joseph Fielding Smith Building

1st Day of Class - Sept 2013

Students walking in front of the Smith Building

CIT 310-Dec 2010

Computer Information Technology, CIT 310 Lee Barney in the Smith Building

Smith Building--June 2013

Joseph F. Smith Building

Campus Sunset - Oct 2017

A fall sunset puts on quite the show over campus. 2017

Smith Building-OCT 2017

The northwest view of the Smith Building through the Quad.

Smith Building - Oct 2018

Students relaxing in the Central Quad on a warm Autumn Day.

Smith Building - Aug 2017

The Smith Building and Central Quad.

Bloomberg Lab - May 2019

In the economics lab inside the Smith Building, there are multiple Bloomberg computers available for students to use, which allow students to access live data from the stock market. Students prepare f

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