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Created 11-Nov-19
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Winsor Manor- APR 2015

Winsor Manor is off-campus housing for both male and female students at BYU-Idaho. It is located on the corner of 2nd South and 1st East.

Off Campus Housing- MAY 2015

The sun sets over off campus housing, The Willows and NorthPoint

North Point - Feb 2019

North Point - Feb 2019

The Cove - August 2019

The Cove - August 2019

Rexburg Sunset- DEC 2017

A view from on top of the BYU-I Stadium just before sunset. 2017

Hemming Village - May 2019

Night view of Hemming Village: Housing and shopping just a block Northwest of BYU-Idaho campus.

The Ridge - Jan. 2021

The Ridge Apartment Complex in the winter.

The Cedars - May 2021

The Cedars apartment complex at night during a rain storm.

Windsor Manor - Jan 2023

Windsor Manor Apartments, BYU-I Student Housing.

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