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Greenhouse- Feb 2011

A student works in the Horticulture greenhouse next to the Benson Building.

Interior Design - Nov 2010

An interior design class being taught by Tahari Julander includes Meghan Farnsworth, an online student in Texas. Brother Julander is using E-Beam, an electronic, interactive whiteboard.

ROTC -May 2011

The ROTC does some training West of R Mountain.

Paramedic Class -June 2011

Steve Holley's paramedic class runs mock emergency situations.

Teton Mountaineering Trip- Aug 2011

A student climbing the snow covered Teton Mountains during a mountaineering trip.

Religion Class- Feb 2012

Brother Lon Pyper's religion class.

Art - Head Drawing Class- Feb 2012

A head drawing class taught by Leon Parson in the Spori Building.

Plant Shop-Feb 2012

Student Ashlee Wheeler is working in the plant shop located in the Benson Building's greenhouse. Plants here are grown by students and sold to the public year round.

Dental Waxing and Carving-Feb 2012

Austen Weeks practices his dental waxing and carving skills.

Extravadance Dress Rehearsal- Feb 2012

The Dance Alliance team members warm-up for their production of Extravadance in the Kirkham Auditorium.

Pottery-Mar 2012

Student molding pottery.

Communications Class-May 2012

Group Dynamics class taught by Robyn Bergstrom.

Nursing Lab- JUNE 2012

Students work in the Nursing Lab.

Harp Ensemble-June 2012

The Harp Ensemble is held every semester.

Pioneers and Patriots-July 2012

Alex Boye plays the violin at the Pioneers and Pariots concert. The concert is held to celebrate American patriots and pioneers and their legacy.

Students and Faculty-Sep 2012

Sister Hansen, a Communications professor, sits outside with students and helps them study.

College Summit -Oct 2012

The College of Communication and Business Summit is held each semester. The fall 2012 theme was: "Unlocking Your Future". Panel members and speakers are professionals such as Johnathan Bulle

College Summit-Oct 2012

Students listening to the speakers at the fall 2012 Summit.

Testing Center- Oct 2012

Students in the Testing Center on the bottom floor of the Manwaring Center.

Theatre-Oct 2012

The production of Bielzy Gottfried by the Theatre Department.

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