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Gloria Bradshaw, secretaryBruce Forbush; employee, custodialPortrait Guy HollingsworthBruce Hobbs at press conferenceRobb Clayton with student, computerDavid Magleby's Teacher Eduacation, directors, dramaPresident's Advancement CouncilPresident's Advancement councilScience foundation Biology class studying DNA models with instructor Steven Christenson.Sugar 7th Ward Scouts visit the Ceramics Lab to work on the Art Activity Badge.Automotive Class: Instructor Troy Spratling.Nursing LabReading Center advisor Sheldon Lawrence with student tutor Aubrey Kirkham.Leon ParsonDee Brown and Kerry Lawrence at the University Press.Glenn Dawson at the University Press.Mike Whitworth at the University Press.Carpentry Shop Photos for News and NotesGene Clements, Carpentry Shop Photos for News and Notes

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