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Religious Education- AUG 2004

Gloria Bradshaw, secretary

Bruce Forbush - Feb 2002

Bruce Forbush; employee, custodial

Guy Hollingsworth - Aug 2002

Portrait Guy Hollingsworth

Press Conference- JUNE 2005

Bruce Hobbs at press conference

Geology - May 2006

Robb Clayton with student, computer

Teacher Education- March 2008

David Magleby's Teacher Eduacation class.

John Bidwell- APR 2004

theater, directors, drama

President's Advancement Council- MAY 2008

President's Advancement Council

PAC - May 2008

President's Advancement council

Biology - Jun 2008

Science foundation Biology class studying DNA models with instructor Steven Christenson.

Ceramics Lab - Oct 2008

Sugar 7th Ward Scouts visit the Ceramics Lab to work on the Art Activity Badge.

Automotive Dept - Mar 2009

Automotive Class: Instructor Troy Spratling.

Nursing Lab - Mar 2009

Nursing Lab

Reading Center-Mar 2009

Reading Center advisor Sheldon Lawrence with student tutor Aubrey Kirkham.

Leon Parson- APR 2009

Leon Parson

University Press-May 2009

Dee Brown and Kerry Lawrence at the University Press.

University Press-May 2009

Glenn Dawson at the University Press.

University Press-May 2009

Mike Whitworth at the University Press.

Carpentry ShopCenter - May 2009

Carpentry Shop Photos for News and Notes

Carpentry Shop - May 2009

Gene Clements, Carpentry Shop Photos for News and Notes

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