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Out of this year’s 2,012 graduates, 66 were foreign students, and 1,946 were United States citizens.  (Graduate Eva from Nigeria)Graduate takes a picture in front of the I-Center before commencement.Graduate in her cap and gown.This April, there were 2,012 graduates, which is 76 more students than last 2015 Winter semester.Graduate and her son wait in the I-Center gym before commencement begins.Graduate Tori Butler Orme celebrates during commencement.Graduates Richard Graham and Scott Smith at commencement.Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is the keynote speaker for commencement.2LT School and 2LT Bell present the American Flag at the beginning of commencement.The choir sings "Sing Praise to Him," arranged by Randall Kempton and conducted by graduate Jacob Fowkes."As we leave today, I cannot predict the range of life circumstances each of you will face; but I can tell you that your ability to choose your response wisely will always be a stewardship you will neAcademic Vice President Henry J. Eyring presents the graduates."Set your sights high. Set your heart on exaltation and eternal life with your eternal family in the kingdom of our Father. Build your life on the Lord Jesus Christ and His glorious gospel. Live your"You have careers, families and adventures ahead of you, however, no one of them can be counted a success if you do not see that your fellow travelers get to the top of the hill. "  -Elder Ronald A. R"I know the pleased at the course you have set and that you are commencing into new fields of endeavor and new fields of influence. Most of all, He is pleased that you are His—righteous, fai"Take counsel and stand strong, shoulder to shoulder bearing testimony that Jesus Christ lives, that He loves us and that He leads us."  -Elder Robert A. RasbandNearly half of this April’s graduates were returned missionaries. Out of the 1,004 who were, 72% were male and 28% female.  (Sean Michael Klapp, Communication Major)Graduates take a photo together following commencement.Graduate takes a photo with his son after commencement.Graduate Makenzie Stevens takes a picture with her mother after commencement.

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