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There are 8,084 sheets of drywall (or gypsum board), as well as 33 miles of electrical wire.Construction moves forward on the newest building at BYU-Idaho.There are 51 faculty offices, 1 custodial office, and an adjunct office with 4 workstations. There is also a large reception area for department meetings.Offices will have full glass walls which will look out over the first floor and staircase.Construction moves forward on the newest building at BYU-Idaho.Approximately 4,000 cubic yards of concrete have been used for the interior of the building.The building will accommodate 16 wards on Sundays.Several students are employed by the contractor and sub-contractors to help with construction. There are also many construction management interns who are involved, and offer tours of the site to consOffices on the South side of the building will have a temple view.Pictured is one of many Computer Information Technology classrooms.There are 23 classrooms, 18 lab spaces, two conference rooms, 12 restrooms, 9 telecommunications rooms, and 5 student study rooms.The landscape design will mimic agricultural fields and plots.The masonry color and general exterior style were chosen to resemble other campus buildings. The inside lobby will be similar to that of the Kimball Building.Almost 2,000 cubic yards of concrete have been used for the exterior of the building.The building will house four departments: Animal and Food Science, Applied Plant Science, Computer Information Technology, and Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.There are 1,096 exterior class panels and about 448 interior glass panels.  "That equates to roughly 161,000 pounds of glass."  -Jedd Walker, Campus ArchitectLocated under the raised part of the building will be a sidewalk, landscape, and bike parking."It will be the most energy efficient building on campus."  -Jedd Walker, Campus ArchitectThe site for the new Science and Technology Building was cleared in 2012. Construction began January of 2015.One of the staircases is not open to the public because it leads to the roof.

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