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Created 7-Aug-18
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Geology Museum- Jan 2012

New displays to hold artifacts and mineral collection in the geology museum.

Frosted Winter View- Feb 2012

A frosty view of the John W. Hart Building from a warm room in the George S. Romney Building.

Devotional - Jan 2012

President Clark leads in raising scriptures to show Elder Perry they are "ready to be taught," at tueday Devotional

Religion - Learning Model-Feb 2012

Religion class Learning Model photo shoot with Lon Pyper. Models: Lon Pyper, Religion instructor; Kylynn Meyet; KC Barnwell; Kyle Jones; Spencer Cook; Taylor Jensen; Jordan Reed; Kris Keltner; Kaitlyn

Ricks Study Area-Feb 2012

Ricks Study Area

Zumba Class-Feb 2012

Student Activities Zumba class in the evening in the Hart Gym.

Dance Alliance -Mar 2012

Dance Alliance

Graduation-Apr 2012

Carissa Abrams with daughter Oaklie.

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