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Created 7-Aug-18
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BYU-Idaho Center-Jan 2011

BYU-Idaho Center Auditorium

Tennis- Jan 2011

Jerry Schlegelmilch teaches the finer points of Tennis in the I-Center courts.

Devotional: Behind the Scenes w/AV- Mar 2011

Mike Jeffs the Video Production Coordinator runs the show behind the scenes for Devotional  in AV Main Control Room.

Super Dodgeball - Mar 2011

Attempting to break the Guinness World Record, students in large numbers participate in �Super Dodge Ball� in the new BYU-Idaho Center. The center includes 10 basketball courts and therefore has plent

Super Dodgeball - Mar 2011

Students participate in "Super Dodgeball" event were they tried to break the Guinness Book of World Records for biggest dodgeball game. The game was played in the new BYU-Idaho Center.

Acoustic Cafe II -Mar 2011

Students audition to participate in Acoustic Cafe II where they perform covers of Top 40 hits.

C. Mariana Salamanca- Apr 2011

Student Speaker C. Mariana Salamanca an Economics Graduate in the College of Business and Communication.

Commencement- Apr 2011

BYU-Idaho Commencement

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