BYU-Idaho | Spring/Summer 2012
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A Gallery of BYU-Idaho photos taken Spring/Summer 2012
Devotional Speaker, Justin I. Garner,<br/>Director of Student Activities, speaks about working towards goals and serving others.Devotional guest speaker, Elder Spencer J. Condie, speaks about prophets.Devotional guest speaker, Elder Spencer J. Condie, speaks about prophets.Rigby Hall, formerly a boys dorm, was converted into faculty offices.2nd camera shots of the &quot;I Honor It&quot; Honor Code campaign photo shoot. Students in semi-candid environment obviously obeying the honor code. Final will exibit a quote from a student sharing wA large classroom in the basement of the Jacob Spori Building.Skylights stream in natural light illuminating art and photography in the hallways of the Jacob Spori Building.Construction on the inside of the Planetarium in the George S. Romney building. Photo taken August 27, 2012.Construction on the entrance of the Planetarium in the George S. Romney Building. The Planetarium offers 12 different shows that are open to the public and private groups.Progress on College Avenue project, shown down the road from the Jacob Spori Building.College Avenue property being prepared for sod. Photo taken August 27, 2012.Property was recently acquired on College Avenue by BYU-Idaho. Ground was then prepared for sod to be laid. This new area is intended to serve as a park for the campus and community. Photo taken AugusThe sidewalk in front of the Eliza R. Snow Building was recently replaced due to weather erosion. Photo taken August 28, 2012.Replacement of the flood lamps at the stadium.Stadium maintenance: This photo taken August 27, 2012 shows new flood lights being installed.Bookworm statue by Gary Price outside the David O. McKay Library.The south facade of the Jacob Spori Building with its beautiful pedestal garden feature.Hundreds of yellow coneflowers fill the Spori Quad flower beds during the summer months.John Taylor BuildingJohn Taylor Building

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