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A corner view of the George S. Romney Building in the spring. The building houses the college of Physical Sciences and Engineering.Students walk to class while campus ground workers air out sprinkler systems.Located in the Thomas E. Ricks Garden, this pathway is part of a living laboratory for everyone to enjoy. Students from the Horticulture Department design and maintain a new feature or reconstruct anThe Gordon B. Hinckley Building, located just east of the Thomas E. Ricks Gardens, has a beautiful view of campus. Many flowers, such as these delphiniums, are blooming seemingly everywhere on campusDuring spring and summer months, fragrant hanging baskets filled with petunias line the Thomas E. Ricks Garden entrance near the Gordon B. Hinckley Building.Flower beds of marigolds east of the John W. Hart Building bring an exciting sense of liveliness to campus.Located just west of the Rexburg Temple, the BYU-Idaho Ropes Course provides opportunities for individuals and groups to learn skills like teamwork, problem-solving, and trust while having fun.Students enjoy a beautiful walk to class as they pass the Thomas E. Ricks Building, dedicated in February of 2005.An entrance of the Mark Austin Technical and Engineering Building at dusk.The John Taylor Building Chapel houses a gorgeous three manual, 9-rank Rodgers organ.East view of the Gordon B. Hinckley Building.Pathway through the Thomas E. Ricks Gardens leading to the Gordon B. Hinckley Building.Full moon over the Eliza R. Snow Building, home to BYU-Idaho's Department of Music.Over the years, the Thomas E. Rick's Garden has evolved into one of the finest show gardens in the western United States.The Hyrum Manwaring Center's southeast, third floor windows reflecting the setting sun.A sunset view of the John Taylor Building from the entrance of the Hyrum Manwaring Center.The BYU-Idaho Center not only has a state-of-the-art auditorium with 15,000 seats, but it also houses a multi-purpose area with 10 basketball courts and an indoor track.A stunning architectural view of the Hyrum Manwaring Center's ceiling from the first floor looking up.The characteristic peak of the Taylor Building in spring.Students walking to the south side of campus enjoy a beautiful view of the Rexburg Temple.

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