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Created 18-Sep-12
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Romney Building - May 2009

A corner view of the George S. Romney Building in the spring. The building houses the college of Physical Sciences and Engineering.

David O. McKay Library-Oct 2009

Students walk to class while campus ground workers air out sprinkler systems.

Garden Pathway-July 2009

Located in the Thomas E. Ricks Garden, this pathway is part of a living laboratory for everyone to enjoy. Students from the Horticulture Department design and maintain a new feature or reconstruct an

Hinckley Building Flowers- July 2009

The Gordon B. Hinckley Building, located just east of the Thomas E. Ricks Gardens, has a beautiful view of campus. Many flowers, such as these delphiniums, are blooming seemingly everywhere on campus

Entrance to the Thomas E. Ricks Garden-July 2009

During spring and summer months, fragrant hanging baskets filled with petunias line the Thomas E. Ricks Garden entrance near the Gordon B. Hinckley Building.

Campus Flowers - Aug 2009

Flower beds of marigolds east of the John W. Hart Building bring an exciting sense of liveliness to campus.

Ropes Course-Sep 2009

Located just west of the Rexburg Temple, the BYU-Idaho Ropes Course provides opportunities for individuals and groups to learn skills like teamwork, problem-solving, and trust while having fun.

Thomas E. Ricks Building - Jun 2010

Students enjoy a beautiful walk to class as they pass the Thomas E. Ricks Building, dedicated in February of 2005.

Austin Building - June 2009

An entrance of the Mark Austin Technical and Engineering Building at dusk.

Taylor Building Chapel Organ - Jun 2010

The John Taylor Building Chapel houses a gorgeous three manual, 9-rank Rodgers organ.

Gordon B. Hinckley Building - Jul 2010

East view of the Gordon B. Hinckley Building.

Pathway to Hinckley Building - July 2010

Pathway through the Thomas E. Ricks Gardens leading to the Gordon B. Hinckley Building.

Dusk on Campus-July 2010

Full moon over the Eliza R. Snow Building, home to BYU-Idaho's Department of Music.

Gardens on Campus-Aug 2010

Over the years, the Thomas E. Rick's Garden has evolved into one of the finest show gardens in the western United States.

Manwaring Center Sunset - Nov 2010

The Hyrum Manwaring Center's southeast, third floor windows reflecting the setting sun.

Taylor Building View at Sunset- Jan 2011

A sunset view of the John Taylor Building from the entrance of the Hyrum Manwaring Center.

BYU-Idaho Center Indoor Track-Mar 2011

The BYU-Idaho Center not only has a state-of-the-art auditorium with 15,000 seats, but it also houses a multi-purpose area with 10 basketball courts and an indoor track.

Manwaring Center Ceiling-Feb 2011

A stunning architectural view of the Hyrum Manwaring Center's ceiling from the first floor looking up.

Taylor Building in Spring-May 2011

The characteristic peak of the Taylor Building in spring.

Temple View -Sep 2011

Students walking to the south side of campus enjoy a beautiful view of the Rexburg Temple.

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