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Spori Building - September 2012

Spori Quad busy with students between classes.

Chemistry 105 Lab - April 2010

Kendall Peck instructs Janelle Mackowiak and Britanee Walton in a Chemistry 105 Lab on how to calculate volume & density of various substances.

Religion - Learning Model - February 2012

Religion class Learning Model photo shoot with Lon Pyper Religion instructor

Geography-Online Mapping - February 2012

Sean Cannon teaches Geography 230 Intro to Geographic Info Systems. In class today students were downloading a Google map zoomed into Rexburg then identifying streets in a new layer to create a local

John Taylor Building - August 2012

John Taylor Building

Students on Campus - August 2012

Students depart from the BYU-Idaho Center after devotional.

BYU-Idaho Center - August 2012

The BYU-Idaho Center's southwest entrance.

After Devotional - August 2012

Students depart from the BYU-Idaho Center after devotional.

Crossroads - November 2012

Manwaring Center, Crossroads a student gathering place at BYU-Idaho. Bethany Pulido and friend.

Campus Winter - January 2013

A major winter storm dumped eight to ten inches of snow over two days leaving campus in a blanket of white.

Be Smart - January 2013

Student models studying at a picnic table on the North side of the Smith Building for Be Smart cover photo options.

I-Center Backdrop - January 2013

Students on campus at BYU-Idaho.

Admissions - January 2013

Admissions Cover photo shoot in front of the John Hart Building.

Jacob Spori Building - January 2013

Jacob Spori Building in the Spring time.

BYU-Idaho Campus - January 2013

Aerial photos of BYU-Idaho Campus

Manwaring Center - January 2013

Hyrum Manwaring Center

Geology Lab - April 2014.

Back to Shool April 2014.

History- American Foundations - July 2014

A student raises his hand to ask Brother Hyrum Lewis a question while he teaches American Foundations during the 2014 Spring Semester.

IBC Class - September 2014

Business Management students learn some creative developement and thinking skills to prepare them for their IBC groups. The class is taught in a group effort by Craig Bell, Drew Eagar and Kent Lundin.

RIcks Building and Temple - October 2014

Back of Ricks building where Rexburg Temple can be seen.

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