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SmithBldg-ArchivesRicksCollegeSporiRicksAcademy1910Physical Science and Mathematics Faculty<br/> Including: Chemistry, Geology, Math and Physics department.Grad dateB-2 Burning 1977B-2 BurningB-2 BuildingRicks College - Aerial1979GraduationOrchestra11979GraduationOrchestraThrow back to the Old Ricks College Sign in front of the Spori Building in the 1960'sIn 1964, the academy building was officially renamed the Jacob Spori Building after the first principle of the academy.1959NursingClass1958 Aerial-Spori,B2,Kirkham1958 Aerial-Spori,B2,Kirkham1955 SporiWinter1953-54 AerialSpori-B2Interior photo of the Ricks Academy Building in 1937 showing the Library Department1924 Spori Building

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